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About IMRF

           RJS IMRF is a world-class research & development community that delivers on national security missions while advancing the frontiers of science and engineering. A key component of RJS IMRFs success is our foundational scientific research, which provides us with knowledge and capabilities that are essential for solving the most pressing and difficult issues are facing the world today.

          RJS, one of the worlds’s leading research organization, popularly known across the global frontiers of the realm of education and research is a non-profit academic and research prefecture prestigiously borne as an entity of government registered body Estd U/S 35 of 2001, NITI Aayog, Govt of India. Performing several key positions in centres of higher learning at home and abroad towards establishing a pristine new knowledge-society, Dr.N.Rajasekhar Reddy, Chairman and Director, being a Veteran Crusader in the educational realm of Academics and Research is the rare blend of heart and soul of IMRF.

          IMRF is reported to have taken its place in the ranks of the world’s academic and research organizations with its success saga as identified by the world. IMRF’s remarkable success led by Dr.N.RAJASEKHAR REDDY who is an innovative and dedicated educationist and the Editor-in-Chief of the IMRF International Research Journals officially marked with ISSN and ISBN in different interdisciplinary realms committed to spread research ethics touching upon the all-pervading fields like Engineering, Sciences, and Business Management. His rich career index generating new ideas mirrors his contributions in the making of a wide variety of Course Curricula; organizing International Conferences; documenting requirements for institutional accreditations; accomplishing creative scholastic achievements; inviting innovative critiques for editing, publishing and presenting International Research Journals towards crucial research are all being worked by his work culture turned out to be central values and priorities for the Team IMRF for the ground breaking discoveries in letter and spirit .