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The Conference

           International Conference: It is defined as a platform to share latest and innovative ideas with peers and senior group of people from different part of world by the help of a PPT or Foster presentation. Generally all International Conferences takes one day to five days having difference technical session chaired by number of people having similar domain expertise. Here several people from similar interest discuss a particular topic. Some conferences are being organized as multidisciplinary which are even more impactful for an example, when a medical professional gets the insight of the latest engineering developments which could be useful at the health care sector similarly an mathematician could help an engineer by finding a good tool which may help the engineers to work more efficiently in terms of data analyzing.

           Every International Conferences undergoes with a preregistration process by highly qualified editorial board and Organizing Committee who takes the decision after reviewing the received abstracts and topics for the presentation. Most of this process is processed with a blind peer review process. After registration the organizer informs about the venue and schedule to the attendees. One can easily find the upcoming conferences of own interest from www.conferencealerts.in which provides such plat form which helps the organizer to promote the events and participants to find a good conference. No matter what topic you are looking for the best conferences from all subjects from Engineering, Science, Medical, Arts, Humanities etc are listed here. This free conference alerts portal makes your work easier to find best conferences and seminars.SIX IEEE International Conferences are scheduled.