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About IMRF


RJS IMRF is a world-class research & development community that delivers on national security missions while advancing the frontiers of science and engineering. A key component of RJS IMRFs success is our foundational scientific research, which provides us with knowledge and capabilities that are essential for solving the most pressing and difficult issues are facing the world today. RJS, one of the worlds’s leading research organization, popularly known across the global frontiers of the realm of education and research is a non-profit academic and research prefecture prestigiously borne as an entity of government registered body Estd U/S 35 of 2001, NITI Aayog, Govt of India. Performing several key positions in centres of higher learning at home and abroad towards establishing a pristine new knowledge-society, Dr.N.Rajasekhar Reddy, Chairman and Director; Dr.Prasanth Mohapatra, President being a Veteran Crusader in the educational realm of Academics and Research is the rare blend of heart and soul of IMRF.


RJSIMRF has been committed towards developing and maintaining the highest standards in both fundamental research as well as applied research. In order to develop a strong research culture, RJSIMRF has constituted the RPC, a Research-driven committee. It serves as RJSIMRF, vehicle for promotion of research. The mandate of RPC is to promote academic and industrial research and research related activities, and build a strong culture of research at RJSIMRF, comparable to that of best research institute of the world. We are promoting and developing the research activities in the areas of Engineering, theoretical sciences, Mathematics, biology, physics, chemistry and other arts and science areas. It showcases the research strength and outcome of the Institute for not only the academic and industry community of the country but for the outside world as well.

Our vision is to elevate the Institute’s global engagement to world-class standards, leveraging our highly-regarded alumni as a catalysts in the process.Our mission is to develop strong and sustainable international partnerships with research laboratories, academic institutions,industry, and entrepreneurs in order to meet the aspirations of our team communities. I wish to express my deep sense of gratitude to the researchers for their co-operation, a lot has been achieved and I am sure this is just the beginning as we strive for excellence. We along with our colleagues are committed towards making India the R&D powerhouse of the world.

Dr. Prasanth Mohapatra

Professor, Department of Computer Science
Vice-Chancellor of Research
Editor-In-Chief IEEE Transactions
University of California
Davis, USA

Dr. N. Rajasekhar Reddy

PhD (Software Systems)
Chairman and CEO of RJS IMRF
Professorand Head, Department of ISE
City Engineering College
Editor-In-Chief RJS IMRF Journals
Bangalore, INDIA

Education and Outreach

The Education and outreach program is a collaborative venture between RJSIMRF and its collaborative institutes. Our goal is to use the excitement and promise of deep underground of science and engineering to inspire and engage students, acadamecians and industry professionals.In addition to our work with agencies across the world, we partner with academic institutions and private companies to solve key technical challenges for current and future innovative-reliant systems. You can sponsor research and development, collaborate with us on research, and even get guidance from us to implement new methods.







(Council of Academic and Industrial Research)


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